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Equipment Edge Master

Built on top of Gurtam Wialon® Telematics Platform

Start a new Chapter for your Fleet Today!


Equipment Edge Master is designed to serve and support both Equipment (Assets) Operators and Equipment (Assets) Owners. Equipment Edge Master

is architectured with Back-End Modules and Front-End Modules, and deployed either in a Multi-Tenant SaaS or Server-Based Mode. Equipment Edge 

Master enables both Equipment Operators and/or Equipment Owners with real time monitoring of the equipment (assets) operational data.

Equipment Edge Master is a solution engineered to help Equipment Operators and Equipment Owners in monitoring the equipment 

(assets) operational data, taking control over early diagnosis of developing problems in the equipment (asset), leverage on real time data 

to make pre-emptive measures to preserve the equipment’s operational efficiency, and avoid unnecessary equipment (asset) shut down or 



Equipment Edge Master displays interactive and dynamic Dashboards giving the Equipment Owner the power to extract all crucial 

operational data in seconds! Real time status updates, Alarms and Notifications generated around the clock of every single equipment 

(asset) to empower the decision making of the Equipment Owners in managing any number of Equipment (asset).

Equipment Operators and Equipment Owners

  •  Equipment Operators: Equipment Support and Maintenance Services Providers who can be outsourced 
         by Equipment (assets) Owners to provide equipment maintenance, repair and support services in an outsourcing model.
  • Equipment Owners: Any organization that owns and manages its own equipment (assets).


Can be purchased as a license (on-premise deployment)