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Video Surveillance


CSG is a Gold Partner of Milestone® – the leading provider of Video Management Software (VMS) – with CSG, we can fulfil your video surveillance requirements in a system integrator model.

CSG can design for you from A to Z all your video surveillance and CCTV projects and needs as we have a full dedicated Surveillance Expert Team who are “Milestone Certified Integration Technicians (MCIT)” by Milestone® and can design for you as well as lead the implementation of a full video surveillance system including cameras, Video Management Software (VMS), storage, networking and support.

CSG offers Milestone XProtect® Video Surveillance Solution, Milestone XProtect comes in different versions, each version suits your exact business requirements as well as your exact business and company size.

From Large Organizations to mid-sized and small offices, Milestone XProtect is your perfect Video Surveillance Management Solution.

Milestone XProtect® supports more than 6,000 camera models and brands.

Milestone XProtect Key Features
  • Intelligent Alarm Manager for triggering and capturing all incidents
  • Cameras Map
  • Centralized Management
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Smart Map
  • Bookmarking
  • Intelligent Play Back of Incidents
  • Evidence Lock

Can be purchased as a license (on-premise deployment)